Çerez Örnek
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Our Mission

To make scientific studies about natural historical materials; To protect, preserve and transfer natural and natural historical materials to the next generation; To make contributions to institutions, society and school children in their education and awareness; To share these studies with national and international associations, researchers; To become a united with society within modern museum understanding to natural history.

Our Vision

To attain contemporary position in international standards about scientific and technological view; To become united with society; To laim the universal values.

Our Principles

To act as a pioneer in natural historical research studies To school scientists with the highest international levels of excellence; To protect, preserve and transfer natural historical materials for future generations; To raise awareness of students, children, society about natural phenomenon’s (like earthquakes and volcanoes) and evolution; To promote and take necessary precautions to avoid endangered species and geological important values from extinction and destruction; To offer society natural history with a modern museum understanding; To promote limiting the usage of fossil fuels; To sustain the balance between nationality and universality; To respect human rights with universal values; To become sensitive against the environmental protection;

Our Values

Contemporary museum, Continual development and alteration, Scientific, To describe natural history to youngsters Universality, Social usefulness, Reform and creativity, Participation.

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